Mar 30, 2023  
2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (September 2022) 
2022–2023 Walden University Catalog (September 2022)

Office of the Associate President and Provost

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Sue Subocz, PhD, Associate President and Provost 

Andrea Lindell, RN, PhD, ANEF, Vice Provost, Social Determinants of Health and Health Care Advancement

Divison of Healthy Communities and Organizations

  • The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
    • Kelley Costner, EdD, Dean
  • College of Management and Human Potential
    • Karlyn Barilovits, PhD, Dean
  • College of Psychology and Community Services 

    • Shana Garrett, PhD, Dean 

  • College of Health Sciences and Public Policy 

    • Jorg Westermann, PhD, Dean 

  • School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies 

    • Sara Makris, PhD, Dean 

  • Office Inclusive Teaching & Learning 

    • Nina McCune, EdD, Associate Dean 

Divison of Healthcare Access and Quality

  • College of Social and Behavioral Health
    • Lisa Moon, PhD, Dean
  • College of Nursing 

    • Tracy Slemp, DNP, FNP,  Dean 

  • College of Allied Health 

    • Nina Nabors, PhD, Associate Dean 

Debra Tervala, JD, Vice Provost, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Devon Edmund, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs & Administration and University Registrar 

Pat Kahoe, Senior Director of Content Strategy, School of Lifelong Learning 

Laura Lynn, PhD, Executive Director, Dean, Center for Research Quality 

Debra Morris, PhD, Executive Director, Learning Pathways & School of Lifelong Learning 

L’Tanya Divers, Executive Administrative Assistant